Teaser Trailer 2: “Mother’s Day”

For those of you that saw the first Trailer, you know that our project, #WeRideWhy is all about Mom and what they mean to us. Our Mom’s mean so much to us that the pain or even the thought of losing them to cancer can be unbearable. This is why we ride and this is why we are making this movie. 

The film is a love letter to Greg Roth’s mother Judy, his second mother, Barbara and two other mothers, Jenny George and Ashley Berg who share a lot in common with Greg’s mother Judy. Including dealing with cancer at different points in their lives. The most important thing that Judy, Jenny and Ashley also share in common is the love for their children and the very special bond that they have. 

We hope you enjoy our little tribute below to Judy Roth, Jenny George, Ashley Berg and all of the moms on Mother’s Day. #WRW Co-Director Jason Tang is responsible for the cinematography and Lead Editing. #WRW Music Supervisor Andrew Joslyn provided the song for us, the title track from his newest release, “Awake at the Bottom of The Ocean.”

#WRW TRAILER 2: “Mothers Day” 


About Jenny and Ashley…

Jenny George was diagnosed with leukemia at age 12, given less than 30 days to live, and told that she would never have children. Jenny beat the odds and credits the music of Duran Duran for helping her keep her spirits up during her illness and recovery. Today, she is a dedicated mother and an advocate for cancer research and treatment. She has donated her DNA to help scientists understand, diagnose, and treat leukemia and lymphoma.

As part of Jenny’s emotional healing process and drive to make a positive impact on those who have suffer, Jenny established Dancing On The Valentine in 2004 in celebration of another year of life. Held annually on or around Valentine’s Day (Jenny’s birthday), all proceeds from DOTV go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Dancing on the Valentine has raised close to $60,000 for Leukemia research since 2004, and Jenny hopes to add another $10,000 to that figure in 2017. Footage from this year’s event will be featured in the series.

The movie also explores the special mother and son bond between Jenny and her son, Atticus, who is a DJ at KEXP.

Ashley Berg is a single mother raising a 10-year old daughter. She continues to battle stage-four cancer. Her indomitable spirit has allowed her to persevere through a death sentence some doctors have given her. Despite her disease, Ashley has raised a beautiful daughter in a loving and positive way. Like Jenny, Ashley loves music and often takes her to family friendly music events and festivals.

Ashley tells her story of the pain and isolation of cancer and the deep impact that it has had on her daughter and their relationship.

Through the darkness and the struggle, Ashley and her daughter share a very special and beautiful bond, which will be one of the highlights of the movie.

In addition, we will feature testimonials from friends who have suffered either directly or collateral damage from cancer. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be exempt from the ravages of cancer and the butterfly effect that it has on our present and future. The film concludes with Obliteride weekend, which took place this past August 11- 13.

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