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The Team

Greg Roth (Director / Writer & Executive Producer) Greg is best known as the founder and Creative […]

Jason Tang (Producer & Director of Photography) While attending Purdue University, Jason divided his time between engineering […]

Bubba Jones ( Executive Producer / Production Supervisor & Sound Designer and Audio Engineer) is a producer, […]

Associate Producer, Story Editor  Madison is a Seattle-based producer, author, tech leader, and stylist. Her work focuses […]

Music Supervisor, Composer Andrew Joslyn, composer, orchestrator, and violinist is an award-winning musical polymath whose passion for […]

Wanz (Narrator), whose real name is Michael Wansley, is a Seattle treasure. This singer, songwriter and rapper […]

Chris Wilson (Field Camera Operator) Chris is a well respected photographer and videographer. Chris work has been […]

Judy Roth was the mother of Greg Roth and Greg’s two brothers John and Robert. Judy was […]

Jenny George was diagnosed with leukemia at age 12, given less than 30 days to live, and […]

Ashley Berg was a single mother raising a 11-year old daughter. She continued to battle stage-four cancer […]

Piper (Camera Operator & Ashley’s Daughter) Piper is the daughter of Ashley Berg, who passed away of […]

Bennett White was a former cyclist and close friend of Metier Partners, Todd Harrington and David “The […]