“#WeRideWhy” Movie Synopsis and Teaser Trailer 1

“We crave the freedom of the open road, with the wind at our backs and our destination ahead.
To feel the agony of a climb and thrill of the descent.
We ride to connect with our planet and universe.
Because it makes us happy and healthy.
We ride because cancer took our friends, mothers, fathers and our children.
We ride to chase the pain away.
To heal.
Because it brings out the best things about ourselves.
We ride out of love and passion.
To make a difference.
To touch the face of God and the angels.”

                                                                               – Greg Roth                                                                                     

#WeRideWhy Synopsis

#WeRideWhy is a forthcoming  documentary film, based on the above poem, written by #WRW Director, Greg Roth, co-produced and co-directed by the brilliant Jason Tang. 

#WeRideWhy connects the lives of Greg Roth, Jenny George, Ashley Berg and Greg’s late mother Judy, who passed away of cancer when Greg was 11 years old. His mother was only 31. The film will tell the story of Greg and hundreds of others like him who cycle in dedication to loved ones lost, or are currently suffering from cancer. 

The project will feature Jenny GeorgeAshley Berg and other mothers whose lives have been negatively impacted by cancer and the collateral damage cancer brings forth. The story has five chapters. The entire documentary will be completed for a theatrical release in spring of 2020 at Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF).

Original music and score will be written and performed by the renowned composer, Andrew Joslyn. Who has recorded and performed with Macklemore, Judy Collins, Kris Orlowski, Allen Stone and more.

Narration will be provided by Grammy winner, Michael “Wanz” Wansley who performed on Macklemore’s,– hit “Thrift Shop” from the multiple award winning, “The Heist.”

The movie will feature music from local artists and will be filmed in various locations throughout the Puget Sound region.

Principal filming started late February 2017 and will continue through summer 2018. 3 teaser trailers have been released. The first official trailer and poster was released in in June, 2018. 

The complete film will premier in late fall with private screenings, film festivals in 2020 and eventually released online through multiple channels. 

The film will consist of the 5 chapters below…






#WRW Teaser Trailer 1

Jenny, Ashley and other friends of associates will share their stories among a backdrop of elegant and action packed cycling footage of many riders. In addition the film follows Greg and his team as they ride around the Puget Sound and beyond preparing for Obliteride 2017. The film will conclude with Obliteride weekend and finish

Greg and his team, #WeRideWhy – zulily rode 100 miles in one day to raise money for cancer research for Fred Hutch. The five year old cycling event took place on August 11 – 13, 2017.

Principal filming started late February 2017 and will continue through early Summer 2018. Three teaser trailers have been released. The first official trailer and poster was premiered at the launch event at Metier in March of last year.  The complete film will premier in a theater in late summer.

The story follows Greg as he continues the healing process from the death of his mother, Judy Roth when he was 10. Greg’s mother was only 31 years of age. Last year Greg rode Obliteride for the first time. He rode to raise money for cancer research, via Fred Hutch. Participating in Obliteride brought up some ghosts for Greg and started what continues to be a healing process for him.  Part of the continuation of his healing process is to participate in Obliteride 2017 but in 2017 formed and founded Team #WeRideWhy – zulily.  The 12 person team ended up raising over $11,000.00  for Fred Hutch and cancer research. In 2018 Greg is committed to growing the team and doubling what the team raised in 2017. 

Obliteride took place August 11-13. The rides finished at Gasworks Park in Seattle, and was followed by a celebration with food and live music from soul singer,  Allen Stone. 

The kick off party featured a moving performance by Allen Stone. Over 2000 people from the cancer fighting / surviving community stood together is celebration of live love and living in what is possible for the future.

The film followed Greg and his team as they trained and prepared for the 2017 cycling season culminating with Obliteride 2017. Greg also shares his story about the pain and lifelong impact of losing his mother at a young age. The film and ride will be part of Greg’s healing process from pain that he has buried or shoved off to the side on and off for most of his life. In addition, Greg shares about the healing powers of cycling, eating healthy and staying fit after dealing with anxiety and depression. Cycling teaches Greg new things, every time that he goes out for a ride.

Tthe film celebrates the passion of cycling in the Northwest at all levels and shows the beauty, emotional connection, passion, joy and benefits of cycling. The film also will explore some aspects of the cycling culture in and around the Puget Sound but most importantly….

The film will also focus on his late mother Judy and two special mothers that Greg bonds with through his own experience of losing his mother. Greg and his team will be rode for his mother Judy and….

Jenny George was diagnosed with leukemia at age 12, given less than 30 days to live, and told that she would never have children. Jenny beat the odds and credits the music of Duran Duran for helping her keep her spirits up during her illness and recovery. Today, she is a dedicated mother and an advocate for cancer research and treatment. She has donated her DNA to help scientists understand, diagnose, and treat leukemia and lymphoma.

As part of Jenny’s emotional healing process and drive to make a positive impact on those who have suffer, Jenny established Dancing On The Valentine in 2004 in celebration of another year of life. Held annually on or around Valentine’s Day (Jenny’s birthday), all proceeds from DOTV go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Dancing on the Valentine has raised close to $60,000 for Leukemia research since 2004, and Jenny hopes to add another $10,000 to that figure in 2017. Footage from this year’s event will be featured in the series.

The movie also explores the special mother and son bond between Jenny and her son, Atticus, who is a DJ at Seattle’s KEXP.

Ashley Berg is a single mother raising a 10-year old daughter. She continues to battle stage-four cancer. Her indomitable spirit has allowed her to persevere through a death sentence some doctors have given her. Despite her disease, Ashley has raised a beautiful daughter in a loving and positive way. Like Jenny, Ashley loves music and often takes her to family friendly music events and festivals.

Ashley tells her story of the pain and isolation of cancer and the deep impact that it has had on her daughter and their relationship.

Through the darkness and the struggle, Ashley and her daughter share a very special and beautiful bond, which will be one of the highlights of the movie.

The movie will explore the deep relationship between mothers, daughters and sons and how cancer has altered the nature and intensity of those relationships. 

In addition, we will feature testimonials from friends who have suffered either directly or collateral damage from cancer. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be exempt from the ravages of cancer and the butterfly effect that it has on our present and future. There is the commitment to a cure and a commitment to love and support those that are afflicted. They continue to fight. We continue to ride.

…There is no finish line

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